Snow in Denver

One misconception of Denver is that it snows here all the time.  With over 1,000 peaks in the state that are over 2 miles above sea level, we certainly do get some snow here (though mostly in the mountains).  What people don’t realize is that Denver records an average of […]

Where they all start

There are larger rivers in other states, but the headwater on 20 rivers begins in Colorado.  The Continental Divide directs each river’s course.  Some of our largest ones include, but limited to, the Rio Grande, the Colorado, and the Arkansas rivers.  They start here, but they sure get larger down […]

We go extra miles for you!

Colorado is the 8th largest state in the country with 104,094 square miles.  Can you guess how many of these miles we cover to complete searches in all 64 counties?  You guessed right; all of them!  But I’ll be honest, if you turn that #8 sideways, that’s how many miles […]