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In 2004, Michael and Shannon Grote founded Mile High Title Research, one of the first independent title research companies in Colorado. Both had previously worked extensively at Denver-area title companies.

They were convinced there was a real need for an experienced Colorado-focused title research company. They set out to develop a comprehensive, local solution for title companies around the globe that needed reliable, cost-effective title research in Colorado.

From the start, Michael and Shannon chose to focus solely on Colorado and provide the possible best title research within that geographic area. It’s a market they and their team have mastered, as their clients over the years can attest.

Mile High Title Research has grown steadily over the last two decades by maintaining that focus and bringing on board experienced title searchers who know Colorado title standards and the county records systems inside and out.

Any search assigned to us is done by us.

Give us a call at (303) 839-5591 or submit a quote form to see what sets us apart from other research companies.

Team Biographies

All of our research team members are full time W-2 employees. They’re second to none in this industry for their level of experience and their skills, so you can count on them to deliver accurate, thorough and timely title reports.


Michael Grote, Co-Founder & Owner

Mike began his career in title research in 1998 working for a Denver-area title company as their first in-house searcher. From there he joined another local firm writing commitments, before leaving to perform right-of-way research work for the Regional Transportation District light rail project.

When the RTD project wrapped up, Mike went back to title work with an emphasis on data mining and digitizing to support title search and reporting. He had worked with Shannon at another firm, and the two formed Mile High Title Research in 2004. In addition to overseeing operations, Mike manages outer county and complex book research and provides senior title opinions.

Mike was born and raised in Colorado. “I probably know more back roads in this state than anybody here!” he jokes. In fact, in the course of his career, he’s personally visited every county seat in the state. Mike and Shannon have three children (“all athletes”) and Mike helps coach their teams when he can. Described by Shannon as the hardest working person she knows, Michael also spends his “spare time” developing technology solutions that make the company’s systems and processes even better.

Kids are important to Mike and Shannon – their own children, of course, and the children in their community who are going through challenges. The family gratefully supports the work of Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Shannon Grote, Co-Founder & Owner

Shannon was born and raised in Scottsdale and moved to the Denver area at age 12. She earned her BA in Marketing and Communications from CU Boulder. Because of her interest in real estate law, Shannon took a job at a local title company while at CU and quickly advanced from a receptionist position to a commitment writer and then to a licensed Title Producer.

Shannon left that firm to pursue her marketing career, but several years later she returned to title work and subsequently formed Mile High Title Research with Mike. For the next three years, “We worked like crazy and we talked about the company day and night. We built a strong foundation before I stepped back just a bit as a new mother,” she recalls. She continued to work full time, though, as her role shifted to marketing, strategic planning, customer relations, human resources, compliance and oversight of some of the financial functions.

In her spare time, Shannon loves gardening and activities with her family, including table games, cooking and baking. Because of the personal struggles in their family with the effects of Lyme Disease, Shannon and Mike support the LivLyme Foundation. 


Lacey Peneton, Title Researcher

Lacey joined Mile High in 2017 after working for 13 years in real estate as a loan processor and a loan closer. “Now I’m pulling the documents that I used to have to prepare for those loan closures,” she points out.

Lacey conducts owner searches and document retrievals for three counties and she feels it helps to have this county-specific expertise. “There’s a big difference across counties in how they label their documents and the codes they use,” she explains. “You learn a county’s systems inside and out and you even build phone relationships with the people there who manage those records.”

A Colorado native, Lacey grew up in Arvada. She and her husband enjoy camping, hiking, boating and snowboarding. “Basically, when I’m not working, I like to be outdoors!” The two take the opportunity to support the MaxFund Animal Adoption Center in Denver each year.

Doris Foos, Office Manager

Dodie joined Mile High Title in 2012 after more than 20 years in sales in the food broker and merchandising industries. She manages all accounts payable and client billing for Mile High. Dodie enjoys her new career – including the comfortable atmosphere in the office and her interaction with the researchers (“I love them all!”).

Dodie’s three children and five grandchildren live locally, so much of her and her husband’s spare time is taken up with babysitting and family events. She also enjoys handcrafting and genealogy.

Dodie and her husband like to travel within the U.S. She had her fill of global travel as a child, though, since her father was an engineer and took the family on long-term assignments in Bangkok, South America, Puerto Rico and many locations across the U.S. Dodie and her husband support a local animal shelter, Hope for Animals in Georgetown, and they also volunteer at a nearby senior citizens’ home. 


John Lamb, Senior Title Researcher

John started in the title industry in 2001 and he joined Mile High in 2007 as the fifth employee at the time. Now he’s the longest-tenured employee other than Mike and Shannon. John loves title research work, explaining, “Even though I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years, every day is different – I come across situations I’ve never seen before along with new search techniques.” In addition to research, John provides senior level title opinions.

In 2015 John chose to leave the Denver area and relocate to a suburb of Seattle – a city he had gotten to know and love over the years. He’s Mile High’s one and only out-of-state employee. He met his girlfriend in Seattle and now they’re together with her 12-year-old twins. The family enjoys  vacationing around the state and exploring the nearby islands.

Due to unfortunate family and friend experiences with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, John is a reliable supporter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and their local events.

Michelle Morgan, Department Manager, Senior Title Researcher

Michelle is one of Mile High’s most experienced researchers, so in addition to offering senior title opinions, she’s been given added responsibilities related to quality control, staff management and training. She feels that her mentoring and training role is especially critical because “few title research companies provide their people with adequate guidance.” During peak times, Michelle also steps in and supports search activities.

Michelle joined Mile High in 2009 and had 11 years of experience in the industry prior to that, not only in research but in writing commitments and policies. She points out that a lot has changed in those 20 years. “When I started, there were typically only three to four years of computer records.”

Born and raised in Englewood, Michelle spends much of her free time playing pool in team and league events. “My grandmother had a pool table so I got into the sport pretty young,” she explains. Whenever possible, Michelle supports individuals in her community facing difficult circumstances.


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